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Why Us?

Our professional team here at HK Broad Capital are committed and dedicated to providing nothing but the best customer experience. It is for this reason that our client numbers are increasing and our reputation and success continues to grow.

HK Broad Capital allows you access to a vast amount of experience and knowledge in each specialist market. Realizing your potential, our consultants provide you with a bespoke financial plan for your success and will help manage this plan every step of the way to ensure a smooth hassle-free investment.

We have our own set of guiding principles to assist our advisors and ensure a professional and high-quality experience throughout your time with us.

HK Broad Capital offers a variety of solutions through a vast range of financial products.


We strive for excellence and routinely review and assess our staff. Increases in knowledge and experience allows us to perform at the very top and achieve our clients’ goals.


Communication is essential. It is the key for a strong relationship, better understanding and is integral for trust and success. The way we approach business and the way we make decisions, communication is always heavily involved so all parties can consider every option available. All of our decisions and advice are thoroughly scrutinized and well thought out and must pass a structured process. We also employ other members of staff for their knowledge and experience to utilize wider skill-sets offering fresh innovative ideas.

Strong Client Relationships

Communication and an honest, open and trustworthy relationship are the keys to a good, healthy business partnership. That is why we respect our clients and their expectations.

We share our knowledge with our clients and our partners which allows all parties involved continuous, successful growth.


Ethics are fundamental in business and life. We respect our clients and as such we offer complete transparency in our dealings and fully comply with all national and international regulations where they apply.

We never lose sight of both our company and client goals and look to work harmoniously with regulators.


HK Broad Capital is a relatively small company but all our employees are professional and unlike larger companies, there is no red tape or bureaucracy. All of our consultants are experienced in their field and will take the initiative and personally manage you to a wealthier hassle-free future.

Our smaller, leaner size makes us much more flexible and means we are quicker to react to shifts and trends in the markets than larger companies. Being independent also means we are not controlled by our shareholders and we are solely motivated by our clients’ needs and expectations.